2015-2016 Teachers and Staff

Office staff
Principal: Mr. John Metsa


Dean of Students: Mr. Dan Boelk 
Secretary: Ms. Ilona Svedberg 
Guidance Counselor: Ms. Ilona Svedberg 
Public Health Nurse/School Nurse: Ms. Spang 
Health Assistant: Ms. Svedberg and Ms. Skaudis
Elementary Grade Level /Teachers
ECFE Child Educator: Ms. Larson
ECFE Parent Educator: Ms. Carlson
ECFE Assistant: Ms. Myre
Learning Readiness: Ms. Mary Larson
Kindergarten: Ms. Erin Peitso
Grade 1: Ms. Jo Holen
Grade 2: Ms. Charissa Dahl
Grade 3: Ms. Bonnie Magnuson
Grade 4: Ms. Jaque Horvat
Grade 5: Ms. Michelle Anderson
Grade 6: Mr. Scott Chiabotti
Elementary Physical Education: Mr. Scott Chiabotti
Visual Art: Ms. Stacie  Anderson
Instrumental  Music: Mr. Kevin Ryks
Choir: Ms. Michelle Anderson
Media Center: Ms. Fran Larson
Support Services

American Indian Education/JOM: Ms. Koivisto
ISD2142 Director of American Indian Student Services: Ms. Greensky
CBAI: Mr. Anderson
Community Education Director: Nancy Larson
Instructional Aide    Ms. Sunsdahl
Occupational and Physical Therapy, K-12    
Special Education: Mr. Boelk
Speech, K-12: Ms. Indihar
Bus Drivers: Mr. J. Carlson,  Mr. P. Royand  Mr. P Stepan
Playground Aides: Ms. Kleusch and Ms. Salmela
Food Service/Cook: Ms. Turnbull
Building Maintenance: Mr. Marsyla
Custodian: Mr. Clifford